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Aired On
Sep 16 2021
9:00 am - EDT

How to Trade VIX vs VSTOXX® Futures: Strategies on US vs European Volatility

What are the VIX and VSTOXX® indexes, and how do they serve as “fear vs greed” benchmarks? How has the spread between the VIX vs VSTOXX® varied around different events and market conditions? How can you improve returns from spread trades on VIX vs VSTOXX® futures contracts? MORE

Contributed By: Eurex

Aired On
Apr 15 2021
9:00 pm - SGT

Capturing European Opportunities with Eurex Micro Futures

Without the growth stories of Asia, or the recent performance of the American tech giants, European stocks have become increasingly overlooked by global investors over the past decade. This often means less competition and greater opportunity for investors who continue to look in that direction. MORE

Contributed By: Eurex

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