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Coming Up
Dec 09 2021
12:00 pm - EST

The Art and Science of Creating Personalized Portfolio Feeds powered by Alternative Data and AI

In this webinar, we uncover the necessary steps to construct such a portfolio scientifically. Whether you’re an alt data skeptic or a fan, this is your chance to put forth any questions you’ve been wanting to ask. MORE

Contributed By: Neuravest Research, Inc.

Aired On
Sep 23 2021
12:00 pm - EDT

Designing and Building a la Carte Quantitative Trading Strategies

This webinar intends to take you on a creative journey from the seed of an investment idea to a live systematic traded strategy. Erez Katz and Taylor Korf carry you through Neuravest’s regimented research process designed to service a fast-growing market of human discretion free investment. MORE

Contributed By: Neuravest Research, Inc.

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