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Aired On
Sep 15 2021
1:00 pm - EDT

Analyzing and Executing Multi-Leg Options in Canada

Learn to analyze multi-leg options strategies with OptionsPlay and how can you execute them in a single order with IBKR’s Trader WorkStation. Join Tony Zhang and Steve Sosnick on a discussion regarding the benefits of trading multi-leg options, execution best practices, liquidity and fees. MORE

Contributed By: TMX - Montréal Exchange

Aired On
Aug 11 2021
12:00 pm - EDT

Trading Canadian Equity Index Futures

Join us for a session on the introduction to Futures Trading for Canadian Equity Indices. Learn the basics of a futures contract and the capital efficiencies gained from trading equity index futures vs an ETF or stock. Learn about the various products and sizes for retail traders. MORE

Contributed By: TMX - Montréal Exchange

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