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Aired On
Sep 16 2021
12:00 pm - EDT
Image How To Achieve Tax Savings As A Trader Watch on GoTo Webinar

Join Robert A. Green, CPA, of as he explains the tax advantages of “trader tax status” (TTS).

  • Learn the golden rules for eligibility for TTS for full-time or part-time traders. You can claim TTS for all or part of 2021 and 2020; the IRS does not require an election for TTS.
  • Automated trading systems (ATS) can qualify for TTS, providing the trader is significantly involved with creating the ATS. Using software or services that mimic other people’s trades is not eligible for TTS.
  • TTS traders deduct business expenses, startup costs, organization costs, and home office expenses, whereas investors cannot.
  • Learn how TTS traders use an S-Corp to deduct health insurance premiums and high-deductible retirement plan contributions.
  • TTS is a pre-requisite for using Section 475 MTM accounting which exempts securities trades from wash sale loss adjustments, navigates around the capital loss limitation, and unlocks a qualified business income deduction.

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Green Trader Tax

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head shot Robert A. Green

Robert A. Green


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