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Aired On
Aug 18 2021
12:00 pm - EDT
Image How To Make an Impact through Credit Investing Watch on GoTo Webinar

ESG portfolios abound, and fixed income is no exception. The options are proliferating every day and managers are all too keen to jump on the marketing bandwagon to raise assets. What should investors look for when it comes to sustainable investing in fixed income? How can investors tell the good managers from the bad managers?

If you’ve been curious to find out how managers approach ESG investing in fixed income, come get your questions answered with Venk Reddy, founder and Chief Investment Officer of Zeo Capital Advisors and the leader of the ESG Working Group of The Credit Roundtable, a $4 trillion industry organization of credit managers. You might just look at the industry with a fresh perspective.

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Zeo Capital Advisors

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head shot Venk Reddy

Venk Reddy

Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Zeo Capital Advisors

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