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Aired On
Sep 16 2021
2:00 pm - EDT
Image PriceVol™ Moving Beyond the VIX: Incorporating Volatility into Portfolio Optimization Decisions Watch on GoTo Webinar

How can investors use market volatility to optimize their portfolio returns? In this webcast, Darren Schuringa, CEO and CIO of ASYMmetric ETFs, will introduce a new standard in the measurement of market volatility, PriceVol™, and outline a sample strategy, incorporating PriceVol™, that could potentially allow investors to optimize their portfolios – improve performance while reducing overall risk.

Topics will include:

  • PriceVol™ A More Accurate Measure of Market Volatility
  • The Benefits of Realized v. Implied Volatility
  • Incorporating Volatility into Portfolio Optimization Decisions

Contributed By:

ASYMmetric ETFs

Presented By:

head shot Darren Schuringa

Darren Schuringa


ASYMmetric ETFs

head shot Steven MacNamara

Steven MacNamara

IBKR Institutional Sales

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