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Coming Up
Aug 04 2021
12:00 pm - EDT

Technical analysis offers a time-tested research approach for investing in stocks and ETFs. Traditional technical analysis requires in-depth subject matter knowledge and the time to look through potentially hundreds of price charts to find trade ideas and validate the perspective on stocks and ETFs traders really care about.

Trading Central’s event-driven technical analysis methodology allows the investor to cover more ground and find more investing opportunities through the use of software automation. Through an interactive demonstration, we will show how to use Trading Central’s data inside IBKR to find daily trade ideas, manage watchlists, see which Technical Events are driving the price action and use the Technical Summary Score to get a concise summary of the technical evidence for a given stock or ETF.

Contributed By:

Trading Central

Presented By:

head shot Gary Christie

Gary Christie

Head of North American Research

Trading Central

head shot James Heygate-Browne

James Heygate-Browne

Director, Global Solutions

Trading Central

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