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Aired On
Nov 09 2021
12:00 pm - EST
Image Year-End Tax Planning For Traders Watch on GoTo Webinar

Join Robert A. Green, CPA of, in his webinar on year-end tax planning for traders. Don’t wait until tax time in April; arrange tax savings before year-end. Learn about deferring income, accelerating deductions, tax-loss selling, avoiding wash sale losses, paying Q4 estimated taxes, Roth IRA conversions, S-Corp payroll with health and retirement benefits, SALT cap workaround strategies for pass-through entities, and other tax-savings strategies. If Congress raises the top tax rates for 2022 on ordinary income and long-term capital gains, upper-income taxpayers might want to accelerate income.

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Green Trader Tax

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head shot Robert A. Green

Robert A. Green


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